About Us

The management of Iran Mehr Stone Industries has started its activities in stone production since 1973. After producing various stones and continuous and successful activities during the 60s and 70s, it established Iran Mehr Stone Industries in 2002. Then, by equipping the factory with the latest technologies and employing young expert engineers, the production of white travertine stone (Abbasabad) has been chosen as this company’s primary and specialised product.

This factory produces Travertine stone of Abbas Abad in different types and sends it all over our beloved country and the world.

Manager's message
Iran Mehr Stone Industries has taken steps in the production and processing of stones in line with the expansion of Iranian culture and with a correct understanding of the beauty and quality of Iranian stones. Our goal in Iran Mehr is to improve product quality, achieve product development and safety, and increase customer satisfaction. Abbas Abad Iran Mehr Travertine Stone Industries is committed to achieving its goals by establishing an integrated management system, continuously improving the quality management system, and preventing environmental pollution.