About Us

IRAN MEHR STONE Industries Management has started the production of building stones since 1973. After continuous activity in the 80s and 90s. in the 2009 with the establishment of a modern factory equipped with Devices with the latest technology in the world. Also, the employment of young specialized engineers was able to assign its self a large share of the building stones market. now this factory with a mass production of Abbas Abad travertine stone is known as the largest and most specialized production center in Iran and the Middle East region. IRANMEHRSTONE complex management using half a century of production experience and presence in the field of stone market, always trying to increase quality and consumer satisfaction

سنگ تراورتن عباس آباد
Quality and customer orientation
  • Creating a healthy, safe, green and clean work environment and protecting the workforce
  • Respond promptly, transparently and honestly to all complaints based on the customer-centric system
  • Optimal use of facilities, machinery, energy, resources and waste management
  • The commitment to eliminate or reduce the risk is, as far as possible, reasonably, reasonably and practically enforceable
  • Improving the level of physical and mental health of all employees and stakeholders
  • Improving factory productivity and economic growth
  • Improving the level of customer and other stakeholder satisfaction and improving and developing relationships with them
  • Market development (domestic and foreign) by increasing product portfolio, research, market position analysis and expand R&D performance
  • Continuous training to increase the scientific and technical level of employees as the most valuable assets of the company
  • Increase productivity through continuous improvement of cost, energy and waste management processes
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IRAN MEHR STONE Industries has taken steps in the production and processing of stone in order to spread Iranian culture and with a correct understanding of the beauty and quality of Iranian stone. Our goal in Iran Mehr is to improve product quality, achieve product development and safety, and increase customer satisfaction.

Iran Mehr Stone Industries is committed to achieving its goals by establishing an integrated management system by continuously improving the quality management system and preventing environmental pollution.

سنگ تراورتن عباس آباد