Abbasabad Travertine Danob A

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The features of this stone include the following:

  • light weight
  • Very low porosity
  • Long life
  • The price is right
  • Very high subs
  • Unique and special waves
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • High adhesion with mortar

Thermal shock resistance

High strength

Low water absorption

Stain resistant

Abbasabad Travertine Danob A

Abbas Abad travertine stone is one of the most important white stones in the world. This stone has all the required standards, so it is often used in building facades.

This stone has different sortings. Abbasabad travertine is cut in two ways, wavy and undulating, and has white, cream and beige color themes.

This travertine can be combined with other stones due to its light and neutral color, which is why it is very remarkable for engineers and architects.