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Abbas Abad Travertine Taslo K

Abbas Abad Travertine Taslo K stone is one of the most widely used and best-selling travertine stones in the Iranian market. Travertine mine is located in Central province. This stone can be seen in different colors and designs and is cut in two ways: wavy and non-wave. The brighter the stone is, the less salts it has and the higher the quality, and that is why Abbas Abad Taslu stone, with its bright color and few streaks, is considered one of the super luxury stones.

Abbas Abad Travertine Taslo K

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Another feature of Abbas Abad stone is its high resistance to weather changes. Abbas Abad’s stones’ chemical and physical nature is such that the sun does not heat them. This feature has caused these stones to be used a lot in the central and southern regions. This stone’s bright and uniform color has made it a suitable choice for classic facades, especially Roman ones. The Taslu stone category can be ordered in the Iran Mehr stone collection, and there are four types: A, H, K, and M.

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تراورتن عباس آباد
تراورتن عباس آباد تاسلو K

Water Absorption

Thermal shock resistance

High strength

Stain resistant


Viewing the Taslo Travertine category at a glance

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تراورتن عباس آباد

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