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Abbas Abad Travertine Taslo H

Abbas Abad Travertine Taslo H is one of the most prominent white stones in the world. The reason for choosing the name Taslo for this stone is its snow-whiteness. In the Eskimo language, snow that falls slowly is called Taslo. Apart from being transparent, this stone has other features that make it a super luxury stone; its excellent resistance and good absorbency have made us consider Taslo travertine a luxury stone.

Abbas Abad Travertine Taslo H

Code: 113

Taslo travertine is the best choice for a bright and streak-free look. This group of stones is produced in four types: A, H, K, and M, which makes it easier to choose and buy, and you can get the kind you want according to your budget. This stone is resistant to weather conditions such as acid rain, cold, and heat, and no change in the appearance, texture, and color of the stone appears. A high-durability and beautiful facade will make it easier to renovate it for several years.

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تراورتن عباس آباد

تراورتن عباس آباد تاسلو H

Water Absorption

Thermal shock resistance

High strength

Stain resistant


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تراورتن عباس آباد

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